Audi A4

since 1994 release

Repair and operation of the car

A4 Audi
+ Running gear
+ Regular servicing
+ Engines
+ Turbo-supercharging
+ System of an exhaust
+ Cooling system
+ Fuel tank and fuel pump
+ Air filter and channels of absorption
+ System of injection
+ Coupling
+ Transmission and main transfer
+ Suspension bracket of wheels and steering
+ Brakes
- Wheels and tires
   Designations of tires
   Wide-profile tires and rims
   Check of pressure in tires
   Check of a condition of tires
   Replacement of wheels
   Check of durability of fastening of wheel bolts
   Unbalanced wheels
   Purchase of new tires
+ Electrotechnical equipment
+ System of ignition
+ Lighting
+ Alarm equipment
+ Tools and devices
+ Heating and ventilation
+ body Details
+ Salon
Search of malfunctions
Technical characteristics


The important measuring size of a rim is depth of a press fitting of "d". It designates distance between the middle of a rim and an adjacent surface on a wheel nave.

So the steel rim for Audi A4 looks. You will find the following data which are beaten out in metal

1 – designation of a rim;
2 – press fitting depth;

3 – number of a detail.

The real wheel bolts for rims from steel and light metals from Audi are learned on notches on a head of bolts.

On Audi A4 it is possible to put rims with the following designations: 6 J X 15 ET 45 or 7 J H 15 ET 45. Sometimes on a rim additional designation of "H2" still meets. Figures and letters mean the following:

6 or 7: rim width in inches, is measured on a basis of an onboard zakraina of a rim across the direction of the movement of a wheel.
J: designation of height of an onboard zakraina of a rim.
Х: depth of dredging of a rim.
15: diameter of a rim in inches, is measured from a board to a tire board.
ET 45: depth of a press fitting is 45 mm.
H2: designation of a rim with a double hamp. Two cambers inside, in a rim bed, do not allow boards of the tire to slide off its onboard zakraina at lateral loading (sharp turn with a low pressure of air).

Wheel bolts and rims is a system

Wheel bolts and rims represent constructive unity and therefore they cannot be divided. The conic nest in fixing openings of rims precisely corresponds to a cone of a wheel bolt. Other forms of a cone cannot guarantee reliable landing of a bolt and, therefore, fastening of a wheel. Exclusively so-called bolts with koronchaty heads are suitable for the rims (steel and light metal) established on Audi A4 at plant (details No. 431 601 139 And). They are recognized on notches above on a bolt head.

Rims for winter tires

Winter tires have to be bought at once with the corresponding steel rims. At first sight it is more expensive, but, on the other hand, relieves of regular shift and balancing of wheels. Tire shops often offer sets at the similar price. For winter tires they offer standard rims 6 J x 15. Or second-hand rims are bought.

Rims from light metals under the influence of salts can korrodirovat to a state, unsafe for traffic. Therefore damages of the covering rim of a varnish need to be eliminated as soon as possible.