Audi A4

since 1994 release

Repair and operation of the car

A4 Audi
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   Technology of the engine, maintenance and repair
   Lubrication system
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   Restriction of number of turns
   Measurement of pressure of compression
   The help at malfunctions
   Works on a gear belt
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   Installation and dismantle of a head of the block of cylinders
   Installation and dismantle of the engine
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Search of malfunctions
Technical characteristics

Lubrication system

Labyrinth: the main idea of the new three-section case designed for Audi A4.

Here in a section the oil heater (2) in which engine oil, in the engine with a working volume of 1,6 l is cooled is shown. All Audi engines are supplied with such oil heater. The cooled oil is brought through a junction point "1" – and the following knot – on the oil heater and cools engine oil at the expense of the plates of a radiator visible in this photo. Oil is forced through an oil filter (3).

Oil pump

At full gas the oil pump pumps over via the engine about 30 l of oil a minute:

  • In the four-cylinder engine the intermediate shaft puts a shaft which lower part puts the oil pump in action in action.
  • The oil pump is installed in the 16-cylinder engine on the crankshaft ahead in the direction of travel.
    Method of operation of pumps in our Audi engines too the different.
  • In the four-cylinder engine there is a gear oil pump. Two gear wheels of the identical size which are linked with each other simply scoop oil from the soaking-up party to the party of forcing.
  • The six-cylinder engine is greased with the rotor oil pump of system of Eton. In this case the gear wheel with external teeth is placed in a gear wheel with internal teeth (these are both rotors). Due to giving of a special form and an excentric arrangement of an internal rotor the effect at which at joint rotation of both gear wheels new spaces with the lowered pressure are constantly created is reached. Thus, engine oil is soaked up. From the rotating gear wheels oil is wrung out to the final party of the pump and from there to lubricant canals.

Oil temperature

For good "health" of the engine temperature of oil has crucial importance. The driver of Audi can receive this information only from the built-in additional devices. Let's compare for interest engine temperature on a flange of an oil filter or on the oil pump; there greasing temperature the lowest. On the contrary, on piston rings temperature of oil reaches 300 °C.
If you go by the car with the thermometer for measurement of temperature of oil: Audi considers 145 °C in a case as the most admissible temperature. Though a condition of it is availability of high-quality oil according to the instruction.

Also too low temperature of oil is harmful to the engine. In this case oil did not reach the full lubricant ability yet. Whenever possible, after start of the cold engine do not lift turns higher than 3500 in min. until oil is not warmed approximately to 60 °C. The reference point is considered that fact that oil needs twice more time, than cooling liquid to reach the working temperature.

Oil pressure

If in your Audi A4 the sensor of pressure of oil or if you can connect to the engine the oil pressure sensor in a workshop instead of the oil pressure switch is built in, it is possible to control independently its pressure within the accuracy of the measuring device. Check condition: temperature of oil is 80 °C. The following indicators have to be received:

  • Oil pressure idling: 1–2,5 bars.
  • Oil pressure at 3000 rpm: 3–5 bars.

Pressure of oil is also well controlled without device in Audi. In more detail you learn about it in the head Instrumenty and devices.